Streamcast uses its proprietary and patented architecture to provide next-generation technology services on sub-optimal networks using the SaaS model.

We operate from offices in the United States, United Kingdom, Europe, Africa, Middle East and India.


The proprietary streaming platform helps provide cutting-edge video streaming & VolP services to millions of subscribers across the world using its ability to leverage sub-optimal network infrastructure to deliver flawless high quality video and audio content at ultra-low bandwidth.


Our Segments

  • Core SaaS
  • Data centre
  • Content

Core SaaS

It’s ease of deployment and the ability to leverage low bandwidth (as low as 64 kbps) makes the platform relevant and provides a new lease of life even to old school copper networks such as wired coaxial cable and ADSL telephone networks in developing countries. In addition, its ability to de-congest telecom networks has made it the platform of choice for several internet service providers (“ISPs”) and mobile telecom service operators in the developing world.

Due to the non-reliance on EDGE & CDN architecture, our platform is able to significantly defer capital expenditure for network companies such as mobile telecom operators providing a higher return on investment.

Our D2Dâ„¢ (data centre to device) strategy allows for the service to be made available across the globe without requiring any additional capital expenditure by its clients. Its compatibility and flexibility across devices and operating systems provides for an enhanced customer experience across a myriad of devices including feature phones making it relevant to billions of consumers across the income pyramid.

Our Locations

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